Microsoft Security

Security Central, PYC, Updates Bulletins

Microsoft Security Central

  • Find Microsoft Security Support for:
    • Security Updates
    • Malicious Software removal
    • Malware Protection
    • and more ...
  • Further, find Top stories and support by community:
    • Consumers
    • IT Professionals
    • Developers
    • Business
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Microsoft PYC - Protect Your Computer

  • 4 steps to protect your computer.
    1. Keep your firewall turned on
    2. Keep your operating system up-to-date
    3. Use updated antivirus software
    4. Use updated antispyware technology
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Microsoft Security Bulletins

  • When necessary, Microsoft provides a new security update on the second Tuesday of each month and publishes a bulletin to announce the update. Occasionally, updates are released more often. Get ...
    • The latest bulletin
    • Latest bulletins by program
    • Archived bulletins, and so on ...
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Worldwide computer security information

  • Use this link to find computer security information in your language.
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Other Microsoft Services

  • Microsoft Service Pack Support
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  • Microsoft Knowledge Support
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