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The common causes of corporate data loss

Securing corporate data is an ongoing battle for European IT leaders. The ramifications of a breach – beyond disrupting workflows and productivity – can be crippling for a business’s reputation and bottom line. A 2017 IBM security study found the average cost of a data breach to be $3.62m. As a result, it’s essential organisations prioritise minimising the chances of data loss. To do this, however, they must first understand what the common causes behind it are:

1.Losing the cyber-crime fight

IBM reported that two-thirds of the four billion data records lost or stolen in 2016 were done so through hacks and cyber-attacks. What’s more, this number represents a 556 per cent yearly increase – organisations are not just losing the cyber-crime battle, they are being put to the sword by the growing intelligence, reach and persistence of these criminals. It’s evident that traditional security barriers such as anti-virus software, while a start, no longer cut it in this fight. Organisations which value their business-sensitive data need to prioritise an all-encompassing security infrastructure – taking into account device security as well as deeper network solutions which place data out of the reach of cyber-attacks.

2.Worker liability

Toshiba research shows 84 percent of European organisations believe it is common practice for staff to use unauthorised IT systems and solutions – demonstrating a lack of awareness to the vulnerabilities such behaviour can expose them to. Removing worker liability in these circumstances is often the easiest and most secure option – so data back-up procedures, for instance, should be automated. Zero client solutions remove any data storage from the device – which may not have endpoint security – further reducing the chance of crucial data being swiped. Education and vigilance can also ensure staff remember to follow correct security protocol.

3.Dropping and losing hardware

Whilst the digital revolution has changed the very nature of cyber security for businesses, it is still often fundamental issues, such as leaving laptops on trains and devices being dropped, which cause the most data loss. According to Kroll Ontrack 2016 Data Loss Index, dropped devices were the cause of 13 per cent of data loss cases last year – a simple but unavoidable human error. With employees more frequently on the move, it’s increasingly necessary that hardware is as robust and reliable as possible in order to avoid both physical and internal damage should it be dropped. For example, Toshiba’s business laptops all undergo the rigorous Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT), ensuring they can withstand the demands of daily professional life.

For more information on how to implement an IT infrastructure which protects your data, read our whitepaper here: Solutions that secure a mobile workforce

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